Intelligenza emotiva nella leadership

Quando pensi a un “leader perfetto”, cosa ti viene in mente?

Potresti immaginare qualcuno che non perde mai il controllo della sua rabbia, indipendentemente dai problemi che sta affrontando. Oppure potresti pensare a qualcuno che ha la completa fiducia del suo staff, ascolta la sua squadra, è facile parlare e prende sempre decisioni attente e informate.

Queste sono qualità di qualcuno con un alto grado di intelligenza emotiva.

In questo articolo, vedremo perché l’intelligenza emotiva è così importante per i leader e come tu, come leader, puoi migliorare la tua.

Watersports and Negative Ions

Kitesurfing and surfing are much more than just sports. They demand quit a bit (or a lot…) of knowledge regarding the weather, the choice of spot and gear, as well as staying fit. We are sure that your ultimate goal is to be stoked at every session, right?

Well, researchers have found that negative ions, found in the atmosphere around turbulent water, trigger this incredible feeling.

Let us explain you more about the effects of those ions and water sports.


“Imagery is one of the greatest tools used in sports psychology to enhance performance. This is done by enhancing motor skills and muscle memory and it is also used for motivation. Studies have found that practicing imagery, along with regular training, enhances muscle memory and sports skills faster and further than regular training alone. In a competitive world where only the slightest improvement can be the difference between a champion and a runner-up, we need to take all the opportunities that we can to become elite at what we do.”

Steven Roy Mann, sports psychologist and Martial Arts teacher
  • In the video: the full film of the ascent of the first 9c in the world. Adam Ondra on “Silence”

Long Slow Distance When and Where Appropriate.

COGNE, ITALIA, 20021214 :Verdenscup langrenn 30 km klassisk fellesstart, menn. Thomas Alsgaard i aksjon først i feltet med de andre norske etter seg i starten på rennet. Han falt fort av, og ble til slutt nr.30.Foto: Erik Johansen / SCANPIX